Pastor McCauley Austin

McCauley grew up in Friendswood and at FBC and went to Arlington Baptist College, where he received a degree in Pastoral Ministry. After college, McCauley came back to Friendswood Baptist, where he began working with our teens. When our long-time pastor Rick Austin passed away in December of 2008, we called McCauley as our interim. During that time, the Lord worked to lead us to call McCauley as our new pastor, as He worked to call McCauley to be our pastor. Since May of 2009, McCauley has served as pastor of Friendswood Baptist Church. He is married to Brittni and has three sons: Asher, Oliver, and Seth. McCauley enjoys theology, working with his hands, and spending time with his family.

Music Minister Mitch Gearner

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Deacons & Ministry Leaders

Our deacons serve the church and its visitors in their spiritual, moral, and physical needs. They provide an example for our members to do the same. Our deacons give oversight in the areas of missions, assimilation, finances, facilities, and the senior adult ministry, and serve as the church's trustees.

Our ministry leaders are key figures in organizing the church's functions. They lead and delegate assignments, while being an example of a servant. Areas of leadership include music and multimedia, Sunday school and children’s church, outreach and reception, VBS and camps, and nursery and childcare.