The identity of Friendswood Baptist Church is missions. We encourage active participation in the mission that Jesus left His early disciples, which has been passed down through the generations. The mission can be summed up in embodying, delivering, and discipling.

Embody: Living and practicing lives of faith and worship

centered on God

Deliver: Proclaiming the gospel through word and deed

Disciple: Growing in faith and knowledge through

encouragement, instruction, spiritual disciplines, and


We've all been called to participate in the mission and have been uniquely gifted for different aspects of it. Some have been called abroad in the mission, and we believe that it is incumbent upon us, as a church body, to prayerfully and financially support them.

mission projects

Find a PDF list of our current mission projects here.


While we support many mission projects, we are deeply invested in Ukraine. We partner with Mission 823 in their mission endeavors. Our partnership includes prayer and financial support of Mission 823, Manna Worldwide, and Camp Willow Park. Furthermore, we have purchased land in the Ukrainian village of Pidhaichyky, and are active in raising funds to build a bridge-to-life home there, which will provide a home, family, and community for orphans in Ukraine. We also go to Ukraine each summer to work alongside Mission 823, Revival Church, Manna Worldwide, and social services to host a camp for children whose homes and lives are broken, and who are in desperate need of the gospel, love, and skills for life. The camp serves to meet those needs.