Be Disciples Who Make Disciples

Jesus spent three years training his disciples to love and serve others through his teaching and example – by living, eating, traveling, working, and teaching them. We aim to do the same through relational discipleship. We practice discipleship, by following Jesus' teaching and example. We equip disciples of Jesus to be able to further equip other disciples of Jesus, through discipleship, worship, fellowship and service.

Proclaim the Good News

The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. The good news is that Jesus is Lord and Savior, who has conquered sin and death through his crucifixion and resurrection. This good news calls us to faithfully submit to and follow Jesus. This good news promises rescued from the power and penalty of sin, forgiveness when we sin, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and an inheritance in God's eternal Kingdom.

Like all good news, this must be shared. We share this good news through relationship building, worship services, and community events. We also support men and women who go and take the good news to places we cannot, through missions in America and the world.