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We are here to be disciples of Jesus, who make disciples of Jesus.

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We strive to be disciples of Jesus, who make disciples of Jesus through discipleship, worship, fellowship and service, while gathered at our church building, in our homes and all places in between. 


Discipleship is the active and engaged process of knowing and following Jesus. The practice of discipleship involves learning about Jesus’ life, teaching and character, as recorded in the Bible. It also involves striving to live according to His teaching and example. As a church discipleship is at the heart of everything we do. Everything we do flows from and into discipleship, so whether we are gathered for worship, spending time in fellowship or serving together, we are practicing discipleship, while also being discipled. 

While discipleship is at the heart of all we do, we provide opportunities for intentional, relational discipleship through Discipleship Groups, and small group Bible studies. It is our desire that through the discipleship opportunities we facilitate each of us will be equipped to make disciples of Jesus.  


Worship is coming before the Lord in submission to Him and exaltation of Him. Worship manifests itself in various liturgies and disciplines, such as Scripture reading, prayer, singing, preaching and teaching. However, worship is not contained only to liturgies and disciplines. The apostle Paul instructs that we also worship the Lord through genuine, humble, impartial love towards others (Romans 12). 

We gather each week on Sunday to worship as a group. It is our aim that our time together in worship always honors our Lord and prepares us to worship each day.  


Fellowship is the coming together in love, faith and encouragement of Jesus’ disciples. We strive for fellowship every time we gather, whether that be for a worship service, a small group Bible study, a service project, or even just a fun activity. While we provide opportunities for fellowship, our great hope is that deep relationships are formed through which fellowship occurs daily with one another. 


Service is the giving of time, energy, skills and resources to provide for others. We serve our church, and we serve as the church. Serving our church happens in so many different ways. Holding open doors and greeting people, planning and organizing events, cooking meals for one another in times of need, teaching, singing or playing an instrument are some of the ways people serve our church. Serving as the church is also varied. The focus of such service is to reach out beyond our walls to practically share God’s love and compassion with our community. We endeavor to serve people, with humility, wisdom and grace.

We encourage everyone to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider ways they can serve our church body knowing that each of us is full of great value for our church body. 

We provide opportunities that we can serve as the church, such as Faith Promise Missions and Family Promise. As with all else we do as a church, our aim is that through serving our church and serving as the church, each of our lives are shaped and formed to serve others whenever the opportunity arises.

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People. Scripture. Gratitude. Character. Community. Generosity.